Otterna is a small swamp town in the southeast region of Kortal on the edge of the Strubian Marshlands. The lord of the land, Myron Ottern and his family lived on the top of a hill in a small wooden keep just outside the swamp. The rest of the citizens of Otterna live in stilted houses along the docks in the swamp that serve as their streets, subsisting on rice farming and hunting local wildlife for skins and meat.

Lord Myron Ottern Edit

The Ottern clan ruled the land for several generations by the decree of The King of the Glades in Strōl in ancient times. The Otterns, with the help of the king provided the townsfolk with protection from the many dangers of the swamp in exchange for portions of the goods they procured from the swamp.

Prior to the arrival of the adventurers however, protection for the town stopped coming. this happened after a mysterious individual came seeking an audience with the lord. Nobody saw him leave but nonetheless the townspeople quickly forgot of it, until the guards stopped coming. What the people didn't know is that the individiual that came to see the lord was a mage who had discovered the ancient secret of creating doppelgängers. Over the course of days he had killed the lord and replaced him with one of his creations. Once the keep was taken over, he left a seeing eye behind to watch his experiment unfold from afar.

The townspeople tried desperately to speak with the lord only to find his gates locked and no reply from within. So in order to protect themselves the people pooled their coin and sent out notices for hired protection. After a few weeks of cowering in their homes hoping to avoid the large bands of kobolds that come in the night, and having lost several of their own, the adventurers finally arrived.

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